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2011 AO Chapter Efficiency Awards Announced

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The Alpha Omega Awards Committee would like to congratulate the following chapters for their excellence in Chapter Efficiency. Each individual chapter exemplifies what Alpha Omega stands for: the enhancements of the profession of dentistry, philanthropy and fraternalism with a base of Jewish ideals.

The Alumni Chapters recognized are Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, and Washington DC.

• The Washington DC chapter was recognized for excellence in student mentoring and development;

• the Toronto chapter was recognized for excellence in family involvement and their AO Revival program;

• the Montreal Chapter was recognized for excellence in community presence and involvement; and,

• the Detroit chapter was recognized for their GOHI project, the Jewish Dental clinic as well as their community presence and involvement.

There were six student chapters that were recognized for their commitment to Alpha Omega and the Alpha Omega Foundation. There were two chapters in each size category.

The Louisville PHI and Toronto PI chapters were recognized in the large chapter category. The PHI chapter was noted for their use of the square credit card processing to eliminate the, "I only have a credit card problem" to collect dues and/or donations.

The Pi chapter was recognized for their excellence in academic achievements.

The Boston University Beta Epsilon and Maryland Zeta Mu chapters were recognized in the medium chapter size category. The Beta Epsilon chapter was noted for their use of Facebook to get information transferred and their website designed. The Zeta Mu chapter made a large donation to the Alpha Omega Foundation from their fundraising efforts.

Harvard Delta and Columbia ETA chapters were recognized in the small chapter category. The Delta chapter has the highest percentage of fraters to student body ratio. Almost 50% of students at Harvard are Alpha Omega members. The ETA chapter was recognized for their membership involvement and leadership development. Every member of the chapter holds a position in the local fraternity.

Congratulations to all.


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