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Meritorious Service Award

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Presented to an Alpha Omegan for Exceptional and Effective Service to the Fraternity. Through the years one considerable factor has been visible in the achievement of the Fraternity's greatness and that is continuing intense interest, responsibility and actions of so many of its Fraters. The Award for Meritorious Service was, therefore, created to honor Alpha Omega's most outstanding Fraters.

2014 Steve Kess
2013 Marc Rothman
2012 Allen Finkelstein
2011 Fred Margolis
2010 Marvin Sonne
2009 Murray Miller
2008 Sam Unger
2007 No Award
2006 Lawrence R. Selinger
2005 Ralph Rothstein
2003 Sam Blum
2002 Emil Landes
2001 Richard Rodney
1997 Sy Feuer
1996 Rene Arav
1991 Jerome Sorrrel
1985 Seymour Evans
1983 Herbert Konsens
1981 Ben Williamowsky
1977 Martin Naimark
1976 Manuel Stier
1975 Henry Green
1973 Aaron B. Koran
1972 Samuel Lewin-Epstein
1971 Bernard Spiro
1969 Maurice Turbow
1968 George Leib
1967 Marvin C. Goldstein
1966 Gilbert N. Robin
1965 Walter I. Levine
1964 Michael Frost
1963 John A. Sherman
1962 Louis R. Burman
1961 Irving Abramson
1960 Max Rabinovitch
1959 Joseph Cohen
1959 Maurice Altus
1958 Samuel Abrams
1957 Harry M. Jolley
1956 Louis I. Galin
1955 Albert Wise
1954 Harry Seldin
1953 Archie Albert
1952 Maxwell J. Lentz
1951 Maurice J. Saviti
1950 Samuel S. Gerendasy
1950 Philip C. Lowenstein
1949 Bernard E. Gruber
1948 Jesse Trager
1947 Albert L. Borish
1946 Irving G. Goldstein
1945 Herbert I. Margolis
1944 Meyer Eggnatz
1943 Joseph Grube
1942 Edward Pressman
1941 S. Albert Siegel
1940 Myron Aisenberg
1939 Abram Cohen
1938 Bennett R. Sidenberg
1937 Nathan Raff
1936 Lewis Danovitch
1933 Maxwell Frost
1932 William Rich
1931 Samuel Birenbach
1927 Alvin H. Berman
1926 Abraham Flaschner
1925 Jack Malkinson
1924 Morris M. Fintz
1923 Samuel Bowman


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