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Leadership Meetings & International Conventions

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AO conducts an international convention and leadership meetings each year.  Any student who has attended convention will attest that convention is an opportunity not to be missed.  

AO also provides leadership training during the calendar year---combining students, young alumni (that's eventually you!), and alumni dentists.  Our members are bright, engaged people who want to learn leadership techniques to use at their chapters and eventually on a larger scale with AO.  

Emerging Leaders Program
March        New York City
Fall            San Francisco 

2015 International Convention in Washington, DC
December 24, 2015 - December 29, 2015

Students may attend the international council meetings as delegates.  Each student chapter must have the roster, dues, and officer list turned into headquarters by December 1.  Please visit the Membership page for the forms. 

The AO constitution outlines a travel reimbursement structure for student delegates.  Depending on the chapter size, a student delegate may receive up to $500 in airfare reimbursement.  The student is expected to write a summary of his or her convention experience that will be published in the spring Articulator. 

Please contact Heidi Weber, Executive Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information. 

Past Meetings
We wanted to share the documents from the recent meetings.  There are some terrific networking and fundraising ideas. 

2014 International Convention in Tel Aviv
December 25, 2014 - January 1, 2015

2013 Emerging Leaders Program
April 27 & 28         Ft. Lauderdale, FL     
October 27 & 28    Houston, TX     

2013 Shore to Ship Convention
December 25-29              Shore
December 29-January 5    Ship

2012 Womens' Leadership Meeting
April 26-28, Las Vegas

What AO Means - Summary Points

2012 Student Leadership Meeting
September 9, Philadelphia

Meeting recap
What AO Means - Summary Points
Magic of Networking Presentation

2012 AO Leadership Meeting
October 13 & 14, Chicago

Steve Anderson Presentation - Discussion Points
Magic of Networking Presentation

International Convention
Scottsdale, AZ 12/25/2012 - 1/1/2013

Convention Highlights


50 W. Edmonston Drive #206 
Rockville, MD 20852 USA

Toll Free: (877) 368-6326
Direct: (301) 738-6400

Heidi Weber, Executive Director
E-Mail: hweber@ao.org


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