L'Shana Tova - Message from International President Mervyn Druian

Shana Tova

To all our AO Family, 

The past year has been a good year for AO with much having been achieved. Individual chapters have held excellent clinical meetings, completed many volunteer projects, and I dare say held many social events.  

At this time, I also want to thank the full AO Board for the time and energy they have given to our wonderful organisation.  Thanks must also go to AO Central Office, under Heidi Weber for all that has been undertaken over the past year. 

A large number of patients have been treated through the AO-HSC Holocaust Survivors Programme with many moving stories being told. As your International President, I cannot thank our colleagues enough for their wonderful participation in this outstanding programme

This period up to New Year and Yom Kippur is a time to reflect on the past year, and to give thought and thanks to the members no longer with us. We must also treat this time as one of renewal, rededication, and recommitment to the wonderful ideals of Alpha Omega.  

It has been a tough time for our Fraters and their families in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, and the hurricanes are not over yet.  AO has been terrific in the support given. Thank you all so much. 

In conclusion may I quote Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for my message to you all:  "Life is too full of blessings to waste time and attention on artificial substitutes.  Live, give, forgive, celebrate and praise; these are still the best ways of making a blessing over life, thereby turning life into a blessing. "

My wife Andy and I wish all a Gemar chatimah tovah, a good inscription and sealing in the Book of Life. 

Shanah tovah u'metukah. A good and sweet year. 


Mervyn Druian

With my warmest love,

Mervyn Druian 
2017 International President