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Our membership consists of dedicated dentists and dental students who believe in our tenets of professionalism, fraternalism, and commitment to Judaic values.  Please read below more about our dues structure and AO has over 100 chapters worldwide.

Chapters:  AO chapters offer members outstanding opportunities to not only networking with peers and other professionals but to participate in philanthropic projects and earn continuing education.  Each chapter is unique and the chapter leadership determines the programming.  Click here for a list of AO alumni chapters. 

Our alumni chapters also decide if it is easier for the chapter to collect the dues (Self-Billing) or if our international headquarters (Headquarters Billed). 

Our student chapters participate in a fall rush to recruit new members and retain current ones.  Students are an integral part of AO.  Residents may choose to join the student chapter or alumni chapter.  Visit the Student page for more information. 

Dues Categories:  Our dues categories reflect the different stages our members may be in their careers.

Practicing dentist in any specialty.
Young Alumni
this membership level begins immediately after graduation from dental school and is valid for up to (5) years. Individuals entering into practice immediately after graduation may take advantage of the reduced rate for five years. Individuals entering a residency program may become a Young Alumni and pay the reduce rate but must subtract the years in residency.

For example:

No residency/practicing = 5 years at $33 per year PLUS chapter dues (if applicable)

1-year Residency = 4-years Young Alumni reduced dues PLUS chapter dues (if applicable)

2-year Residency = 3-years Young Alumni reduced dues PLUS chapter dues (if applicable)

3-year Residency=2-years Young Alumni reduced dues PLUS chapter dues (if applicable)

An individual who is completely retired from dentistry. Retired members shall pay half of the international dues. If applicable, chapter dues are still paid.
An individual who is age 65 years and has been a consistent member of Alpha Omega for 40 years. Emeritus members shall pay half of the international dues. If applicable, chapter dues are still paid.
Granted to each International President at the conclusion of the term of office, including the waiver of all future dues and assessments.

How to Join:
1. Download the appropriate membership form and return to Heidi Weber, Executive Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 301-738-6403 (fax).  

Alumni Application Form
Young Alumni Application Form
Student Membership Form

2. Fill out the online form.  

Heidi will contact you to discuss the application and to determine if you live near a chapter.  Thank you for your interest in becoming an AO member. 



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