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Message from 2019 International Communications Officer: Strategic Planning and Resolutions

Sonne 2019 As we move closer to the convention, I wish to make you aware of 3 very important Constitutional amendments that will be brought up in Los Angeles next month. We are sending these to you now so you can have plenty of time to think through them. If you have any questions, please let us know.

The issues involved are renaming our Meritorious Service Award and changing our name.


Whereas, the Meritorious Service Award is presented to a member who has demonstrated outstanding and exemplary service at the international level of Alpha Omega for over ten years, and

Whereas the member cannot have ever served as International President or be currently serving on the Board of Directors, and

Whereas PIP Ben Williamowsky's service to dentistry was synonymous with everything that the Alpha Omega Meritorious Service Award represents,

Therefore, be it resolved that this Award be known as the Ben Williamowsky Alpha Omega Meritorious Service Award.


Whereas Alpha Omega is a member of the American Dental Fraternity Council and this organization is disbanding and no longer requires Alpha Omega to have the word fraternity in the name, and

Whereas, including the word fraternity in documents may preclude individuals from joining, and

Whereas removing the word fraternity from all legal documents can be conducted through a cost-effective process,

Therefore, be it resolved that the International Council will remove the word fraternity from Alpha Omega's official name.


Whereas we are an international organization with members located all around the world, and

Whereas we want the organization to be known as a dental society,

Therefore, be it resolved that International Dental Society be added following the title Alpha Omega to become our official name.

In September 2019, Alpha Omega conducted a Strategic Planning seminar in Boca Raton, FL.  Attendees came from an across-the-board array of AO's who took a serious view of who we were, who we are and who we should be/will be going forward. The focus was on Member Experience, Brand Identity and Program Impact. A goal of 2023 was established to have the policies and activities needing to be implemented to have their intended effect. 

  1. We will create program opportunities that are locally and regionally focused. 
  2. Mentorship will be actively engaged.
  3. We will provide philanthropic opportunities that support sustainable charitable efforts for member involvement.
  4. Programs will be established that can provide collaborative opportunities between chapters.
  5. We will provide and promote an increase in overall participation in educational programs.
  6. We will achieve ratings by our members that meet or exceed expectation.
  7. A social media task force will be established.
  8. Our Regency system will be re-established.
  9. We will look to increase sponsorship.
  10. Our Speaker's Bureau will be made more active.

The bottom line was that this very engaged group of members, younger and older, officers and board members and regular AO's, too, spent valuable time reviewing Alpha Omega. We ARE different today than we were in 1907 as times have changed but we are still composed of the same basic body of dentists. We are not only focused on getting our students into dental school and then graduating. Our community service activity, Tikkun Olam, is an even greater source of our strength. CE is an ever-expanding activity as is our various philanthropic undertakings. Anything and everything that can bring us all even closer together will be done so that Alpha Omega will thrive long into this millennium.

You will hear more about this plan as we move forward. If you have any ideas or suggestions or comments, please speak up. Let us know your thoughts. AO is YOUR organization. AO is about US, not they or them. 

Fran and I look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles at our convention in December. If you haven't yet decided to attend, but are even remotely considering attending, it is not too late. Sign up. Los Angeles is awaiting your arrival. See you soon.

It has been an honor to serve as your International Communications Officer for 2019.


Marv Sonne

2019 International Communications Officer

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