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Passover Message from AO Communications Officer: Dayenu

Sonne 2019 From AO Communications Officer Marv Sonne, Detroit Chapter


A few millennia ago we Jews were spared from Pharaoh's enslavement. Dayenu.
There were numerous subsequent challenges and we fought a multitude of battles and survived.
We were scattered over the world taking up residence wherever we could.
We survived the Holocaust.

In 1948 a great miracle happened and Israel as an international nation was born. Dayenu.
For us, our ongoing battle with anti-Semitism began its resolution in 1907.
From that incipient, we have grown enormously.

The miracle of Alpha Omega, like Israel itself, began with a dream and our liberation has continued to expand.

From Moses to Herzl to Ben-Gurion, our Zionism has been the mainstay of our lives.
Today, we need that same driving force to keep AO alive and strong.

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